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Payment Rates

Work Regulation Drafting Jobs
 New Regulation Drafting
Units (Yen)
Revisions and Checking
Units (Yen)
 Work Regulations   216,000~Estimates issued
according to content.
162,000~Estimates issued
according to content.
 Wage Regulations   108,000~81,000~
 Child Care and Family Leave Regulations108,000~81,000~
 Travel Expense Regulations108,000~81,000~
 Personal Information Management Regulations108,000~81,000~
 Regulations for Handling Harassment108,000~81,000~
 Drafting Project Continuation Plans162,000~121,500~
 OtherA separate estimate will
be issued.
A separate estimate will
be issued.

* Payment includes attendance at 3 meetings. If you'd like attendance at more than 3 meetings, we require an additional payment of 43,200 yen as a consultation fee or post-consultation regulation revision fee.
*Our travel expenses will be billed to you separately, at their actual costs.
* Most customers request that we also produce an English language version based on the Employee Handbook drafted by our company, so this service is also available. We will issue a separate estimate after reviewing the content.

Seminars and Training Courses
  • For seminars and training courses held in Japanese, our rate is 54,000 yen per hour (Minimum time required: 1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • For seminars and training courses held in English, our rate is 81,000 yen per hour (Minimum time required: 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Proxy Office Services (Trouble Resolution)
  • Our rate is 16,200 yen per hour for this type of work.

Severance Payment System
1) Visiting Schedule
     Visiting times are based on the work schedule (either every other week or once every 3 weeks),
     and are decided in consultation with the client.

2) Consulting Period and Rates
  ① Consulting Period: From 1.5 to 2 months from the start of consultation 
  ② Consulting Rates: We will provide an individual estimate depending on
            the number of personnel, consulting content, and the number of visits required.   
            Example: For a scale of around 50 employees, rates start from 324,000 yen
            Unique plans suited to the needs of foreign-owned businesses are also available.
  ③ Our travel expenses will be billed to you separately, at their actual costs.
3) Other
     Specific details will be settled in a separate business outsourcing contract with the client.


Social Insurance Outsourcing

1)Employment Management 
1 Labor contract checking, guidance Drafting and revision of contracts can  also be performed for an additional  fee.
2 Consultation and guidance concerning  the management of working hours 
3 Consultation and guidance regarding  employment plans 
4 Consultation related to administrative  investigations 
5 Information provision related to  subsidy funding Follow-up services for subsidy  funding can also be performed for an  additional fee.
6 Consultation and guidance regarding  employee evaluation Structuring of employee performance  evaluation and wage system can also  be  performed for an additional fee.
7 Consultation regarding the drafting  and implementation of work  regulations and company internal  regulations Drafting and revision of these  regulations can also be performed for  an additional fee.
8 Provision of legal information 
9 Drafting and notification of overtime  and holiday work agreements 
Note when replying requires some time or the issue is a complicated matter, an  additional fee will be charged for our services.
For Japanese Content
10,800 yen per hour
(This is for written material or answering questions in Japanese)
For English Content
16,200 yen per hour
(This is for when English language support is required)
2) Social Insurance / Labor Insurance
1 Consultation and guidance related to social insurance or labor insurance
2 Unemployment insurance and worker's accident insurance process document  drafting, proxy reporting

For all services, English language support is available. This includes both written and spoken communications.   


Monthly Payment for Advisors (Yearly Renewal Procedure)

Formula based on scale (Number of employees):          

Executives + Full-time Employees + Part-time Workers

                                                                                              Units (Yen)

        Scale        FeesSocial Insurance
Base Calculation Report
Labor Insurance
Final Report
Less than 4 staff21,60032,40032,400
5 – 9 staff32,40032,40032,400
10 – 19 staff43,20043,20043,200
20 – 29 staff54,00054,00054,000
30 – 49 staff64,80064,80064,800
50 – 69 staff86,40086,40075,600
70 – 99 staff108,00097,20086,400
Over 100 staffSeparate consultationSeparate consultationSeparate consultation

Labor and Personnel Advisor
  • For labor advisor services only for a business with 50 or more staff, our rates start at 54,000 yen per month
    (We will issue an individual estimate depending on the client's required consultation content, number of visits, and number of employees.)

Free Consultation Guide
At Mashr Consulting Co.,Ltd , we offer a free initial consultation on issues such as creating and revising working regulations, mediating labor disputes, and holding training workshops.

<Process for a Free Initial Consultation with Our Company>
1.Please apply using the free consultation application form.
2.Our representative will contact you. They will arrange the schedule, etc.
3.You will either come to our office or use a toll-free internet telephone service such as Skype to hold the free consultation. (About 30 minutes)

* We respond as quickly as possible, but it may require up to one week (or several days) for a consultant to contact you for reasons relating to their duties. Additionally, our company may be unable to provide an answer to your inquiry, so we ask for your understanding in advance.


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