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Support for Representative Offices

Support for Representative Offices
Mashr Consulting Co, Ltd. provides a wide range of support, from "establishing representative offices" to "after establishing" representative offices.


 Support for Representative Offices in Social Insurance, Payroll, Expenses Paid, Etc.

There are cases where, before a foreign company advances its business into the Japanese market either in the form of a branch or a corporation, a representative office is set up first to conduct preliminary market and feasibility analysis.
Due to the fact that representative offices are not registered under company or corporate law, the establishment and operation of such offices often face the following difficulties:


1. Setting up of bank account for business funding is difficult.
2. As the representatives for such representative offices are not local residents, the procedure to
apply for social insurance is complicated.
3. Representatives are not local residents but need to make sure that they are fully covered by   
workers’  accident insurance and employment insurance when carrying out their duties in the
4. When trying to
incorporate a representative office, vital information, such as the necessary
  preparatory work required, is not readily available.


MASHR Consulting can provide full support to our clients as a third party management team on matters related to representative offices. Furthermore, we are capable of communicate with our clients’ oversea head offices in English.

In order to operate a representative office, aside from performing its intended business objective, there are also various administrative tasks that needs to be carried out; namely, payroll calculation and payout, procedures for social insurance, application of workers’ accident insurance and employment insurance, as well as accounting operations.

・Aside from regular, monthly payout for employee’s wages and social insurance, irregular,
   unforeseen payments needs to be properly handled.
・Notification of the setting up of representative office as well as change-of-address notification need
   to be submitted to the tax office and other related government offices.
・End-of-year Adjustment as well as other articles that are unique to Japan need to be translated
   into English language and explained to the foreign employee.
・Details pertaining to employee wages need to be translated English language and explained to the
   foreign employees and the head office.
・Capital transactions in client’s account need to be translated into English Language and reported
   to client’s head office; among other tasks.

In order to fulfill all these requirements, it is certain that substantial costs will be incurred to employ services of specialized staffs that are literate in accounting, able to handle administrative tasks, and, at the same time, fluent in English.

“I want to send my staff at the representative office for medical check-up;” or, “I don’t have staffs that are able to handle accounting works so I don’t know what to do when it comes to bookkeeping.”
We at MASHR are more than happy to help you with little problems like these.


When setting up an representative office, our client typically asks the same question: "Which countries do you deal with in your support for the representative office?"

At MASHR Consulting, we work with many enterprises that have regional offices in the countries listed below.

 ・United States
 ・The German
 ・The Switzerland
    ・Hong Kong

Tax and social security systems vary from country to country. At MASHR Consulting, we explain carefully to the officers in charge of Human Resources of the headquarters everything they need to know about how these systems work in Japan.

We can, of course, work with representative office of countries other than those listed above, so please feel free to contact us.
   Items  MASHR's Bussiness Support
 1  Pre-employment of  
 (Representative in    
 Assist in Drafting of Employment Contracts
 with Client’s Organization (English & Japanese.)
2 Pre-employment and  
 Employment Support for
 Ordinary Staffs (Labor
 Assist in Drafting of Employment Contracts
 with Client’s Organization (English & Japanese.)
 Assist in Creating Employee Welfare and
 Benefits Plan.
 Act as Consultant for Labor Related Problems.
 Provide Information on Inquiries Clients have  
 Related to Japan’s Labor Standards.
3 Payroll Services Declaration to Tax Office on Wages Paid Out
 (Handled by Our Affiliated Certified Tax  
 Accountant Office)
 Payroll and Bonus Calculation, as well as, Year-
 End Adjustment
 Delegated Agent to Pay Employee’s Income
 Tax Deducted at Source as well as Resident
 Calculation of Retirement Funds
4 Application Procedures
 for Health Insurance,  Welfare Pensions, as well  as Workers’ Accident and  Employment Insurance
 Insurance Application for New Representative
 Procedures Related to Insurance of Newly  
 Recruited Employees,
 and Retiring/Resigning Employees
 Advise in Application on Tax Deduction Through
 Employment Insurance
 Procedures Related to Revision of Social Insurance  (Notification of Base Amount for Calculation of  Social Insurance)
 Change in Address, and Number of Dependants,
 Procedures in Making Claims on Medical Expenses
 Overseas, as well as On Workers’ Accident
 Insurance and Employment Insurance.
5 Delegated Agent for  Making Payments Delegated Agent in Making Payment such as
 Wages, Expenses, Taxes and Social Insurance.
 Preparation and Compilation of Expenses Report for
 Client Head Office.
6 As Business Concierge Assist Clients in Resolving All Sorts of Problems. In  the Event that the Problem is Does Not Fall Within  Our Expertise, We Shall, Whenever Required, Refer  You to Our Contacts in that Related Field

Actual Example of Support Provided
The client is a foreign company specialized in electronic components. With the intention of expanding into Japan’s market, the said client has set up its representative office in order to carry out market survey and feasibility analysis. In order to minimize the resources necessary to carry out their operations in Japan, our firm is employed as external management team for their operations locally.  

At that level, while the client’s head office bear the necessary operating costs, we;
 1. Assist in carrying out payroll calculation.
 2. Prepare and compile reports in English Language.
 3. Communicate directly with the client’s head office aboard regarding the funds required for
   operation in Japan.
 4. Confirm with our client the funds deposited into the bank account managed by us, and carry
   our payroll deposit for their employees. 
 5. Prepare and compile transaction reports of the bank account managed by us in English Language.
With MASHR’s full support, the administrative tasks has been greatly reduced, enabling our client to be fully devoted to their core business and subsequently have their business incorporated in Japan.


Free Consultation Guide
At Mashr Consulting Co.,Ltd , we offer a free initial consultation on issues such as creating and revising working regulations, mediating labor disputes, and holding training workshops.

<Process for a Free Initial Consultation with Our Company>
1.Please apply using the free consultation application form.
2.Our representative will contact you. They will arrange the schedule, etc.
3.You will either come to our office or use a toll-free internet telephone service such as Skype to hold the free consultation. (About 30 minutes)

* We respond as quickly as possible, but it may require up to one week (or several days) for a consultant to contact you for reasons relating to their duties. Additionally, our company may be unable to provide an answer to your inquiry, so we ask for your understanding in advance.

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