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Employment Contract

When hiring workers, companies enter into employment contracts with each worker, the employer must notify the employees in writing of the following employment conditions.

1) The term of the agreement
If there are no provision pertaining to term, please notify the fact that there are no provisions pertaining to term and commencement date.

2) The workplace, and assingment and resposibilities that the employee will have to perform. Making separate job discription is also valid.

3) Matters pertaining to start and finish times, existance of overtime work, breaks, days off and leaves.

4) Methods of determining, calculating and paying salaries, the salary calculation period and payday.

5) Matters pertaining to resignation and dismissal (including all grounds for dismissal).

Nowadays in Japan, unpaid overtime work is becoming a big social problem. The main reason of this, employees those who are exempt from overtime allowanc is limited compared to the one in other countries(the United States in particular.

To stipulate such rules and working conditions is therefore important.

If you find any difficulty to prepare employment contract, please feel free to contact us.

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