2011年5月23日 月曜日

Ipad - advantage of using Ipad -

I began to make use of Ipad for the purpose of presentation in business meeting.
As you know, the latest model Ipad2 has been on sale, it is considered to become more popular among business people and younger generations such as university students.
I think the number of Ipad users will continue to increase in the future.

One of the excellent features of the Ipad is its applications which we can download from the Apple store.

For example, if we download the applicaton called Evernote, which is like a handy notebook.
It enables us to save an enormous quantity of information such as animated graphs,
text data and various forms information like a PDF.
We don't need to carry many files and paper materials for business meetings.

The second feature is, the Ipad itself is something like a notebook. For example,
in business meetings, we can put the Ipad on the desk, sit around the desk with clients,
then we can discuss with each other by looking at the display of the Ipad at the same time.
On the other hand, if we use mobile computer, then one side can see the display but other side
on the back of computer can't. In that sense, I think it will become a more powerful communication tool.

One more thing I'd like to add, there is different implication to use Ipad.
This is because I think it looks cool or sophisticated to have Ipad.

As a management consultant, it is very important to utilize such cutting edge tool
earlier than my clients before such tool will be widely used.
I think as a consultant such trial is enevitable in order to improve corporate branding
by giving good impression to clients.

While it is assumed that modern society will require us more to access necessary information
by ourselves, take such information into the business and study, and generate information to the world from individual.

Considering from such trend and possibility of Ipad, I think Ipad will be widely used
on the business occasion, even in the preschool education to university education.

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