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2011年7月 9日 土曜日

Telling a joke

I've got a good joke for you!
It's about my experience long time ago.

I was a dance nut when I was twenties.  My dream was taking dance lessons in New York.

My dream came true when I was late-twenties.

I've been to New York and took jazz dance and classical ballet lessons on Broadway.

During the stay in New York, I visited many sightseeing places such as Central Park, United Nations and Metropolitan Museum.

The most memorable place was Metropolitan Museum because of its great exhibition and interesting experience happened to me.

It was when I was waiting in line to buy ticket at the entrance of Metropolitan Museum.

Two or three guys were waiting in line behind me.  They were Japanese.

For some reasons I didn't want them to speak with me, I tried to avoid eye contact from them.

They looked at me and talking whether I was a Japanese or a Chinese in Japanese.

I had a pamphlet in my hand.

Suddenly, one guy spoke with me in English.

"Where did you get the pamphlet?"

I replied in English "I got it at the counter over there."

"Thank you.", he said.

He returned to his friends and told them "Oh, she was a Chinise" in Japanese.

They never talked to me again.

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