2011年8月22日 月曜日

Memorable Events

One of the most memorable historical events for me was the 1996 opening ceremoney of Atlanta Olumpics. I was watching the digest news with my family at home.

The seen that made a deep impression on me was the climax of the ceremony, needless to say, lighting the sacred fire to the Olumpic flameholder. Although who would light the sacred fire was concealed by that day, Muhammad Ali who suffered the Parkinson's disease lit the fire with trembling hands.

Ali was a gold medalist of light heavyweight boxing match of Rome Olympic in 1960.  Soon after changing his career from amateur to professional, he acquired the title of the World Heavyweight Championship.  Ali was an icon of power and strength.

After retirement, as he suffered from the Parkinson's disease, he had to carry on a struggle against his disease for a long time and he seldom showed up in public.

However, he was selected as the igniter of opening ceremony of Atranta Olympics.

It was surprising and wonderful moment for me to see Ali light the sacred fire holding the torch with trembling hands due to sickness.  Who could have expected he would be the igniter of the opening ceremony?

I understood that he had tried to encourage people suffer from sickness by representing himself in the public arena with a message of "Never give up, then the things will be sure to go well".

During Atlanta Olumpic games, there were a log of impressive seanes, above all, the message from Ali deeply remains in my heart.

I strongly felt the significance of sports and the Olympics why those exist for human beings.  The London Olympics will be held next year. I'm sure to keep an eye on what kind of drama will be created.

* The Japanese translation of above script will be featured in my blog tomorrow.

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