2011年10月 4日 火曜日

Denmark introduced 'fat tax'in order to curb unhealthy habits

Denmark has imposed a "fat tax" on foods such as butter and oil aiming at curbing unhealthy eating habits.

The Nordic country introduced the tax Saturday, of 16 kroner($2.90) per kilogram of saturated fat in a product.

Food director at Denmark's Confederation of Industries says the tax will increase the price of a burger by about $0.15 and raise the price of a small package of butter by about $0.40.

The tax was approved by large majority in a parliament in March as a move to help increase the average life expectancy of Danes.
Denmark, like some other European countries, already has higher fees on sugar, chocolates and soft drinks, but it is considered that Nordic country is the first in the world to tax fatty foods.

In september, Hungary introduced a new tax(popularly known as the Hamburger Law), but that only involves higher taxes on soft drinks pastries, salty snacks and food flavorings.

The outgoing conservative Danish government planned the fat tax as part of a goal to increase the average life expectancy of Danes, currently below the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's average at 79 years, by three years over the next 10 years.

"Higher fees on sugar, fat and tobacco is an important step on the way toward a higher average life expectancy in Denmark," Health Minister said when he introduced the idea in 2009, because "saturated fats can cause cardiovascular disease and cancer."

(Daily Yomiuri Oct.4, 2011)

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