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Key Issues for Directors; Smooth Management and Avoiding Risks in Japan:

Operating companies is difficult in any environment, and doubly so when you're in a culture different from your own. The Representative Director of a K.K. (or Executive manager of a GK) needs to have a good understanding of the various issues surrounding your role. In this seminar, we will examine the key issues of what directors ought to know in order to manage companies smoothly and avoiding the risks. Especially we focus on the cost performance (how to reduce operating cost). Compare to key difference between law firms and certified social insurance labor consultants from the both point job qualities and cost, will be discussed. This seminar is a great opportunity to get practical ideas and input from speakers who are the certified social insurance labor consultant and licensed tax accountants through their experience.

A Labor and Social Security Attorney is a unique licensed professional in Japan, specializing in Labor laws, social security programs and human resources management, and legally admitted to take charge of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
At this seminar, we'll give you the tips 1) how to cope with when the following problems happen and 2) how to make the best use of the Labor and Social Security Attorney and lawyer in order to provide assistance to the company for more efficient business management.

[How to Cope with Problem Employees:]
The financial situation of the company for this period seems unsatisfactory. How to cope with the following employees? Or is it possible to terminate employment contract with such employees without having troubles?

[Case Study]
(1) When the employee does not follow the instructions of supervisors, is uncooperative with colleagues, shows worsening attitude at work,
(2) When the employee lacks the skills required by the company or when the company deems that there is little prospect for improvement by the employee or other lack of skills,
(3) When the employee inflicts serious damages on the company's business by insulting or defaming the company, its employees or related business partners, or interfere with the company's business by spreading or propagating rumors,
(4) An employee is taking leave for mental illness. If the reason for the leave of absence has been resolved, the employee shall return to the original division and responsibilities he/she was appointed to prior to the leave. However, if the employee is having difficulty returning to his/her previous job duties, what should I do to make a decision about reinstating the employee?
(5) How to deal with an employee who engages in prohibited conduct such as harassment in comply with Japanese regulation?

Date : Tue 17th April, 2012
Time: 1:30 P.M. ~ 5:00 P.M.
Venue: Izumi Garden Conference Center Room4 
(1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Izumi Garden Tower
  Tel: 03-5572-6113)
Number of Seats: 50 seats 
Language: English
 Ms. Yumiko Kamioka, MASHR CONSULTING Co., Ltd. President,
Labor and Social Security Attorney, Financial Planner, CPA of the United States

Seminar Price: ¥15,000+Tax (¥15,750 inclusive of tax)
*Please register at the following URL https://www.cch-japan.jp/contents/register/form
Seminar participants qualify for a special 10% discount on the following CCH book:
 Japan Corporation Law Guide -2nd Edition- (10% Off)
 Japan Master Tax Guide 2012/2013 Will be published in June (10% Off)
 Japanese Labor & Employment Law and Practice 2nd Edition Will be published in June (10% Off)

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