2012年5月28日 月曜日

New rules on fixed-term employment contracts

A Bill for Partial Amendments to the Labor Contract Act was submitted to the Diet on March 23.
A central feature of the bill is to obligate a company to grant a worker permanent status at his/her
request if the worker has been employed on repeated fixed-term renewable contracts for a period exceeding five years.

We are sending the Key points of this bill via mail magazine to our clients and seminar participants as well as those
with whom we have exchanged business cards.

If you wish to receive this mail magazine, please let us know by sending an email to
Yumiko Kamioka of MASHR Consulting Co.,Ltd. : mashr-hr@mashr.co.jp.

MASHR Consulting is continuously providing information and advice with regard to the above matters.
If you have any questions, please free to contact me.

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