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The Advantages of Preparing Rules of Employment and Employment Contract in English

・We explain in English to the main overseas offices the differences between Japan and that country's HR systems.

Issues often seen at foreign companies are those in which an employee is discharged based on the practices of the main office (for example, "at will base employment" in the United States: an employment practice by w.hich the employer is entitled to discharge employees any time under any circumstance), but the discharge loses effect due to the absence of objectively legitimate reasoning, and the company is left no other choice but to pay the employee several months worth of salary and settlement until the discharge is effectively concluded.

These are the steps we follow when we provide support to clients by preparing English language employment regulations:
1. Meet with the HR manager in Japan and prepare a first-phase draft in
2. Translate that into English and have the main overseas offices' HR
  manager take a look at it.
3. Hold a meeting with the main overseas offices' HR manager (an interview,
  a telephone meeting, or a video conference call), and explain to them in
   English the parts where Japan's labor laws differ, such as items relating
   to the system of  working hours and resignation.
4. We repeat steps 2 and 3 several times.
5. We prepare a Japanese language version of the employment regulations
   reflecting the English version that received final approval by the main
  overseas offices.
6. We explain the regulations to the employees. If there are non-Japanese
   employees, we explain them in English as well.
7. We submit the regulations to the Labor Standards Inspection Office.

・We handle inquiries from main overseas offices in English, reducing the burden on HR staff.

Even after submitting the employment regulations to the Labor Standards Inspection Office, HR staff must field questions from employees and deal with a variety of operational issues such as how to deal with employees who have engaged in problematic behavior.

In those instances, as well, we respond to questions in English from the main overseas offices' HR managers directly by e-mail or telephone. This way, there is no need for HR staff in Japan to translate questions from the main overseas offices into Japanese, then convey them to a social insurance and labor consultant, and then translate into English the answer they get from the consultant and convey it to the main overseas offices. HR staffs are able to receive legal advice in English directly from specialists.

Our strengths lie in the design and operational follow-up of HR systems that take into consideration the gap in labor laws between Japan and the Western countries, Asian countries, etc.

MASHR staff communicate in English with non-Japanese employees in our clients' Japan offices or with HR staff at their main overseas offices, from the initial discussion phase right up to final delivery. In this way, we deliver the kind of support that is only possible with MASHR.

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