2015年8月 5日 水曜日

Our work schedule for summer period

We'd like to let you know about our work schedule for summer period.

Our office close will be from August 13th(Thu) to August 14th(Fri)
and we'll start operation on August 17th(Mon.).

If it's urgent during this period, please contact me at 81-90-6040-6290
or by e-mail at: ykamioka-hr@mashr.co.jp

Please also send cc to: mashr.kamioka@gmail.com

Thank you,
Yumiko Kamioka

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2015年7月16日 木曜日

Business Support to Representative Office

MASHR Consulting can provide full support to our clients as a third party management team on matters related to representative offices. Furthermore, we are capable of communicate with our clients' oversea head offices in English.

When setting up an representative office, our client typically asks the same question: "Which countries do you deal with in your support for the representative office?"

At MASHR Consulting, we work with many enterprises that have regional offices in the countries listed below.

 United States
 The German
 The Switzerland

Tax and social security systems vary from country to country. At MASHR Consulting, we explain carefully to the officers in charge of Human Resources of the headquarters everything they need to know about how these systems work in Japan.

We can, of course, work with representative office of countries other than those listed above, so please feel free to contact us.

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2015年2月10日 火曜日

The end-of-term employee evaluation

We are now approaching the end-of-term employee evaluation period.
Perhaps some of you might get a headache just remembering about the last performance evaluation or objectives management meeting.

▼ The following is a typical interview scenario that could happen at any company.

Salesman A was set a sales target of 50 million yen at the beginning of the term. He was short by 10 million yen from achieving his target. So during the interview with his manager, he says, "The target was actually unachievable in the first place. There is no way I could have made it anyway."

If you were the manager, what would you say?
1: Yes, you are right. I kind of thought the same. (Agreement)
2: Well, the CEO set these targets so there is nothing we can do. (Shifting of responsibility)
3: There is absolutely no point in having that attitude! (Snapping back in anger)

Unfortunately, reacting in any of these ways is likely to cause employees to lose their motivation, no matter how much time and expense you had invested in a good personnel evaluation and objectives management system.

If you were the manager, how would you continue this interview?

For example, what would happen if you were to analyze the reason for A's failure to achieve his objective?
(1) Is there a problem with his target business region?
(2) Are there any problems with A's sales pitch and presentation?
(3) Do the products not have good enough selling points? Do the direct marketing sales promotions not have enough appeal for the customers?

If (2) were the reason, A could do a few things to mitigate this, such as spending some fixed period of time with a skilled senior salesman to receive some on-the-job training, asking superiors and colleagues to check out his presentation skills, and more. You could repeat this Plan-Do-Check-Action process daily to grow the skills of the employees. This is precisely what we refer to as objectives management.

Management has a very important role in an organization. The management ranks need to change their mindset to understand their role's objective: to obtain the maximum results for their section's management resources (people, objects, money, and information). Managers have the important job of evaluating employees using suitable methods, and ensuring that their subordinates are helped to develop and grow over time.

Perhaps this points to the need to reform the mindset of the management ranks.
Our company has already had many inquiries with regard to management training.
We are really looking forward to meeting many managers this year.

Click here, we can hear the voice message .

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2014年12月22日 月曜日

Year-end schedule of MASHR Consulting

The holiday season is approaching, and so we'd like to extend our thanks  and our best wishes for the new year.

We'd also like to let you know about our work schedule for this period.
 Our vacation will be from December 27th (Saturday) to January 4th (Sunday).

If an emergency arises during this period, please contact 090-6040-6290
    to Kamioka's mobile or by e-mail atykamioka-hr@mashr.co.jp.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yumiko Kamioka
   MASHR Consulting Co.,Ltd.
   24-8-805 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku
   Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, Japan
   Tel: 81-45-212-0681
   Fax: 81-45-212-0682
   E-mail: ykamioka-hr@mashr.co.jp
    Web site: http://www.mashr.co.jp

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2014年11月10日 月曜日

Traditional Japanese Kimono carries various meanings

*I've added English subtitles, so if you can turn on the closed caption, you can watch it in English as well.

Today is the ten-year anniversary celebration of our opening, so I decided to wear a kimono.
Traditional Japanese Kimono carries various meanings 

The kind of kimono that I am wearing today is known as an Edo komon (finely patterned Edo kimono). As you would expect, this name is connected with the Edo period.

During the Edo period, the samurai working in castles wore formal attire. The patterns that were used on those formal garments were Edo komon.
I have a folding fan (sensu) tucked in here, but when wearing a kimono, such fans are actually referred to as suehiro.
This word refers to the good luck that "broadens out" or "fans out" (suehirogaru) before us.
Wearing the suehiro tucked in one's obi in this way also carries a meaning.

During the Edo period, female samurai used to keep a dagger tucked in here.
It's said that the suehiro is a vestige of this practice.
Therefore, the suehiro acts in place of a lucky charm that protects the wearer.
I'm looking forward to telling you more about Japanese culture and kimonos in the future.

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