2011年4月20日 水曜日

Unemployment benefit for the area struck by the disaster

It has become easy to receive the unemployment benefit!

When the business operation was stopped due to the earthquake
and the salary has not been paid, the unemployment benefit
is available to apply even if a worker didn't leave his/her job.


投稿者 株式会社マーシャル・コンサルティング | 記事URL

2011年4月 7日 木曜日

Utilization of Subsidy due to the damage of the Great Tohoku Earthquake

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone adversely affected by the tremendous damage caused by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and sincerely hope for everyone's rapid recovery.

I am now writing blog in order to provide useful information to especially foreign managers living in Japan and the employees who work for these foreign-based companies.


投稿者 株式会社マーシャル・コンサルティング | 記事URL



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