2011年9月26日 月曜日

My hopes and plans

Working as Labor and Social Security Attorney, I have been facing with current situation of family care system in Japan. I gradually became interested in family care.

In Japan, the family care system was introduced in the year 2000. There are 21,000,000 households which have elderly peope requiring family care in Japan. My acquaintance had been suffering from a stroke for 20 years and he's spending his life in a wheel chair. At first, he went to daycare center, but he began to tell us that he didn't want to go there. This is because he likes reading and recitation of Chinese poems. But activities in the daycare center were maily ball games or folding color paper. It was a kind of pain for him because he sometimes felt as if he was being treated as a small child.


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2011年9月18日 日曜日

Panasonic's Evolta-kun attemps triathlon in Hawaii

Do you know Evolta-kun?

Evolta-kun is a toylike appearance robot made by Panasonic.
As part of Panasonic's promotion of nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries named Evolta,


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