2014年10月28日 火曜日

Greeting of 10 year anniversary

*I've added English subtitles, so if you can turn on the closed caption, you can watch it in English as well.

My name is Yumiko Kamioka, representative of MASHR Consulting.
Today October 28th is anniversary of foundaing for MASHR Consulting. 

It is with thanks to all of our business partners that we able to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of our founding. Both I and all of the company employees express our sincerest gratitude.

With the rapid globalization of business these days, the number of foreign employees in the workplace is increasing, and the workplace is becoming more diversified.
Additionally, starting with white collar exemptions, labor laws are exploring varied working styles.
MASHR Consulting will continue to provide human resource solutions to globally evolving enterprises.

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2014年10月 8日 水曜日

Revision of the Legislation on Working Hours

At the June 24 meeting of "Industrial Competitiveness Council" held to formulate strategies to stimulate growth and bring about reform, the government set forth its basic policy regarding introduction of the "white-collar exemption" (hereafter "WE") Specifically, the goal of WE is to increase the productivity of white-collar workers, who lag behind those in North America and Europe, by introducing work practices that measure the performance of professionals with annual salaries of ¥10 million or more by their accomplishments rather than by the number of hours worked. The government aims to revise the relevant legislation in 2015 and put it into force by the spring of 2016.

WE was included in the deregulation proposals of 2006, and moves to draft legislation began in 2007, but these efforts were shelved because of opposition, even from within the ruling party.
Now the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare plans to discuss proposals until early 2015 and submit a bill reforming the Labour Standards Act at next year's regular session of the Diet.
According to a survey of presidents and chairmen of major corporations conducted by the NIKKEI(Nihon Keizai Shimbun) in June, 25% of the 144 responding corporations said that they "want to implement this system".

Mashr Consulting will keep you informed on developments in legislative reforms involving WE. Please feel free to talk to us if anyone says they "want to start reviewing the work hour system" or "want to review work regulations and labor contracts" in view of these legislative reforms.

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