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Consultation Guide

At Mashr Consulting Corporation Labor and Social Security Attorney, we offer an initial consultation on issues such as creating and revising working regulations, mediating labor disputes, and holding training workshops.

Consultation is increasing regarding revisions to working regulations resulting from frequent changes in the law and holding seminars and workshops to prevent employees from leaking information or committing sexual harassment through the use of social media. 

There are also cases frequently seen involving foreign affiliate companies in which employment is terminated in accordance with the mindset of the parent company (for example, at will base employment in the USA: an employment practice in which the employer can terminate an employee at any time, for any reason), but due to a lack of a logical and objective justification, the dismissal is voided, and salary for several months until the dismissal is executed legally and a settlement must be paid to the employee. Consultation on issues such as these is increasing recently as well.

Therefore, we offer an initial consultation for 15,000 yen per hour + tax.

Process for an Initial Consultation with Our Company
1.Please apply using the consultation application form.
2.Our representative will contact you. They will arrange the schedule, etc.
3.You will either come to our office or use a toll-free internet telephone service such as Skype or Zoom to hold the consultation. 


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