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Development of Rules of employment

Development of Rules of employment 

Below we are presenting the expenses for work regulations based on every experience and achievement of the Marshall consulting.
We are setting up options such as briefing sessions for employees, follow-up support etc. on the operative side after the set-up as well.

 New developments unit (yen)Change and check work unit (yen)
 Rules of employment216,000 ~ estimation according to content162,000 ~ estimation according to content
 Salary regulations108,000~81,000~
 Childcare, family and medical  leave regulations108,000~81,000~
 Traveling cost regulations108,000~81,000~
 Regulations for information  security108,000~81,000~
 Regulations for dealing with  harassment108,000~81,000~
 Creation of a business  continuation plan 162,000~121,500~
 OtherSeparate estimationSeparate estimation
※ This amount includes three meeting occasions. In case there is a wish to meet on more than three occasions,
  we ask for a separate consulting fee or a mandatory preparation fee of 43,200 yen for each meeting
※ Transportation fees are accepted separately.


Implementation process

The implementation process is explained below. The option items are included. Please contact us for service details.


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