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To open a representative office in Japan

To open a representative office in Japan

Support for establishing a representative office

The following is the procedure that needs to be followed in order to establish a representative office in Japan.
MASHR Consulting will be able to offer necessary service for each step of the procedure.

 Decide the name of the representative office and who will be the representative
 of the office.

 Decide the location of the representative office.

 Open a bank account of the representative office.

 File a report with the tax office that has supervision over the location of the
 representative office.

 Prepare various types of corporate seals (i.e., bank seal, representative seal,
 rubber seal, etc.)

 Subscribe to labor insurance (i.e., workers’ accident compensation).

 Subscribe to unemployment insurance.
 Subscribe to employee health insurance and welfare pension insurance.


If any foreign citizens will be dispatched from the head office to work at the representative office, or if any foreign nationals will be employed at the representative office, applications for their work visas need to be filed with the government also.
If this service is required, we will be able to bring in experts that are business partners of MASHR Consulting for consultation.

Free Consultation Guide
At Mashr Consulting Co.,Ltd , we offer a free initial consultation on issues such as creating and revising working regulations, mediating labor disputes, and holding training workshops.

<Process for a Free Initial Consultation with Our Company>
1.Please apply using the free consultation application form.
2.Our representative will contact you. They will arrange the schedule, etc.
3.You will either come to our office or use a toll-free internet telephone service such as Skype to hold the free consultation. (About 30 minutes)

* We respond as quickly as possible, but it may require up to one week (or several days) for a consultant to contact you for reasons relating to their duties. Additionally, our company may be unable to provide an answer to your inquiry, so we ask for your understanding in advance.


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