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Our Strengths

MASHR CONSULTING Co., Ltd. Our strengths

We assist foreign-owned corporations in setting up business in Japan! Bilingual social insurance and labor consultants

We assist foreign-owned businesses in setting up or expanding business in Japan. Our bilingual social insurance and labor consultants have an appropriate grasp on the work habits and the differences in regulations between the home country and Japan. This enables us to communicate in English with the home country’s HR managers about tasks such as formulating employment regulations and rules.

We handle all aspects of Rules of Employment/Employment Contract - in English and Japanese - for growing a company

Employment regulations play an extremely significant role when it comes to leveraging employees to jump-start a company or making an organization prosper. Whether you want to create new employment regulations, to improve problems in existing employment regulations, or to prepare employment contracts, for example, we are ready to assist with a variety of customers’ needs.

Certified social insurance and labor consultants enable amicable settlements that don’t lead to trials

A certified social insurance and labor consultant can help in individual labor-related dispute resolution, one type of alternative dispute resolution procedure (ADR). In order to resolve problems between workers and management not through trials but through procedures such as mediation based on “discussions” between the two parties, arbitration, or reconciliation, let one of our certified social insurance and labor consultants do the job.

US Certified Public Accountants(USCPA) well-versed in corporate accounting and corporate law

We offer the services of US Certified Public Accountants(USCPA) as well as specialists who can provide accounting services that are in harmony with American accounting standards and are valid worldwide. We are well-versed not only in the duties of a social insurance and labor consultant but also in corporate accounting and business law (e.g. company law) allowing us to offer solutions that cannot be imitated by other consulting firms.

For all customers in need of English documents - We are a partner you can count on.

Please do not hesitate to consult us not only for English language employment regulations, but also the preparation or review of English language employment contracts or English language confidentiality agreements. We at Mashr Consulting look forward to being of service to all customers who are in need of English documents.


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