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4. Pension consultation for foreigners

It is often seen that foreigners who fall under the following cases may not have the Japanese pension procedure even when they reaches the age eligible to receive a pension.

●Those who used to work in Japan and still live in Japan
●Those who used to work in Japan, who have paid welfare annuity insurance premiums, have moved overseas and are currently living overseas

If you do not file a claim even when you are old enough to receive a Japanese pension, you will not be able to receive an earlier pension because you can only go back five years after you applied for it. Even if you pay the welfare pension insurance premium, it will be useless.

So that you can properly receive your important pension and use it as a fund for old age, MASHR Consulting will help you 1) and 2):
1) Survey of Japanese pension enrollment status and expected pension receipt amount
2) Pension claim procedure
Of course, you can just request 1).

We will support you in English for complicated pension applications, so please feel free to contact us.

Please contact to : info@