For foreigners who are or have been enrolled in the Japanese social insurance system

~English explanatory material about Japan’s social insurance system~

Please refer to the URL below if you would like to see materials and related sites created in English about the Japanese social insurance system.

This information is useful for foreigners who want to know about Japan’s pension system and health insurance system, and for those in charge of companies who are asked to explain Japanese pension system and health insurance system to foreign employees and their families.

Marshall Consulting provides support for foreigners who have joined the Japanese pension system regarding pension claim procedures.

We will do the procedure on behalf of everyone who think that it is difficult to process the pension claim in Japanese.

Feel free to contact Marshall Consulting.

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Employees’ Pension Insurance and Employees’ Health Insurance

 Japanese National Pension system


Enrollment in Social Insurance System


Have you ever lived in Japan? Do you have 10 years coverage period under the Japanese pension system?


English version homepage of Japan Pension Service

Employees’ Health Insurance System and Employees’ Pension Insurance System

Overview of the Social Insurance Systems 

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment Claim Form To foreigners departing from Japan

Pensioners and Survivors Need to Report Us

 International Social Security Agreement