For foreigners who have joined the Japanese pension system

If you have lived in Japan or worked for a Japanese company and have joined the Japanese pension system, you can receive a pension from the Japanese pension system, regardless of your nationality or place of residence, as long as you meet the conditions for the eligibility period required to receive a pension.


Eligibility requirements

In principle, the period of coverage required to receive Japanese pension is 10 years.

This 10-year period is the period during which you participated in the Japanese pension system and paid premiums by working for a Japanese company or otherwise.

In addition, Japan has concluded “Social Security Agreements” with other countries, and under these agreements, it is possible to totalize contracting country’s coverage period with Japanese coverage period in order to fill the gap for eligibility requirements.

However, please note that agreements with some countries do not include measures for totalization of the pension coverage period.


Receipt start age

As a general rule, you can receive pension benefits from the age of 65.


The amount of pension benefits

The amount of pension benefits is calculated based on your effective coverage period in Japan, including the premium payment period.


Marshall Consulting will investigate on your behalf how long you have been a member of the Japanese pension system.

In addition, if you have fulfilled the required period to receive Japanese pension, we will complete the pension receipt procedure on your behalf.


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