The revisions of Labor and Soscial insuarance Laws in next year

There will be many law revisions in next year, so I have summarized the law revisions since January 2021


 Enforced on January 1, 2021

Childcare and Nursing Leave Law (Children’s nursing leave and nursing leave can be taken on an hourly basis

 No need to revise work rules if your company do not introduce it.


 Enforced on April 1, 2021

① Elderly Persons Employment Stabilization Law (Introduction of Measures to Secure Employment of Elderly Persons (not mandatory but obligation to make effort))

② “Equal pay for equal work” related law is enforced  Applies to small and medium-sized enterprises



This law related to “Equal pay for equal work” come into effect in April 2021.

It also applies to small and medium sized companies.


This time, three Supreme Court cases over equal pay for equal work were issued.

All of them are related to allowances, bonuses, and retirement allowances.


If the treatment of regular employees, contract employees, and part-time employees is different at the office, such difference must be rational by considering the purpose of “salary, respective allowance, bonus, retirement allowance, leave system”

and paying attention to the difference in business content and responsibility. It is a criterion to judge whether or not there is an unreasonable disparity.


If not only regular employees but also contract employees, part-time employees, and other employees with various employment forms are working in the company,

please be sure to check the job content and degree of responsibility for the enforcement of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Law.

I would like you to confirm whether the treatment is taken into consideration in accordance with the revision of the law on April 1, next year.


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